If I Were A Park Ranger (Catherine Stier)

Hello, friends! In honor of National Parks Week, our book today is If I Were A Park Ranger, written by Catherine Stier and illustrated by Patrick Corrigan, a tribute to both our nation’s great National Parks and the people who work for them.

Told in first person, the story follows a group of six children as they imagine what life might be like if they became park rangers. First detailing how such a career can be achieved, as well as the special uniform rangers wear, the reader is then swept along through a dizzying array of the things park rangers do: conservation, protection, education, outreach, safety, expedition, and so much more. In each new calling, the illustrations show the equally diverse parks, monuments, and historical sites that rangers are charged with maintaining and protecting; a world of natural and manmade wonders that we all share, thanks to park rangers.

Very cool! Highlighting a profession that is far less often glamorized in kidlit, Stier and Corrigan do a fabulous job of introducing little ones to the world of park rangers and the places they are found. Corrigan’s bright, lush parkscapes are helpfully labeled for readers with their name and the state they are located. The text is straightforward and simple, yet carries the necessary tone of excitement and passion, encouraging but not patronizing – a good balance for the subject. The length may be more suited to slightly older bookworms, but JJ and I l comfortably made it through to the end, and she adored the cheerful characters and scenes of nature. For those looking to learn more about a unique career, or about the parks and what they feature, this is absolutely the book for you. Baby Bookworm approved!

(Note: A copy of this book was provided to The Baby Bookworm by a representative of the author in exchange for an honest review.)

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