Over The River And Through The Wood (Emma Randall)

Hello, friends! Our book today is Over The River And Through The Wood, a storybook version of the classic song as illustrated by Emma Randall.

A young pair of siblings, brother and sister, set off on a journey across a winter wonderland to grandmother’s house, as the song describes. The text/lyrics describe the pair’s destination, reason for the journey (it’s Thanksgiving Day), and their surroundings as they travel. Along the way, a collection of adorable woodland critters smile cheerfully at the children and follow their sleigh through the snowdrifts. Arriving at Grandmother’s House, everyone settles in for a delicious feast.

Very cute. A new spin on some classic text, which is laid out perfectly so that it can be read as rhyming stanzas or, for those familiar with the tune, sung (I was able to sing it for JJ and she was delighted). The illustrations feature bright and colorful human and animal characters against a beautiful backdrop of winter woods, and are engaging and warm. The length was great, and we enjoyed it. A great way to celebrate the traditional song in a fresh yet classic way. Baby Bookworm approved!

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