Santa Bruce (Ryan T. Higgins)

Hello, friends! Our book today is Santa Bruce by Ryan T. Higgins, a festive adventure with the perennially grouchy bear Bruce and his unusual family of geese children and mouse roommates.

The geese and mice have decked the halls and trimmed the tree – much to Bruce’s irritation. The put-upon bear only wants to hibernate for Christmas, but his family wants to celebrate, so the old grump does what he must. He even shovels snow in his bright red coat and hat – and that’s where the trouble starts. Once again, Bruce becomes a victim of mistaken identity… but this time that identity is SANTA! Soon, young critters are lined up at the door to tell “Santa” their Christmas wishes. Quickly latching on to the opportunity for merrymaking, the mice and geese play along, even promising that Bruce will hand-deliver presents to all the kids for Christmas morning. Bruce just wants to sleep! Will he find it in him to spread some holiday cheer?

Another hilarious and wonderful Bruce & family tale. Bruce’s perpetual gruffness – and reluctant yet genuine affection for his family – is made for a Christmas story, and Higgin’s brand of deadpan humor and physical comedy pulls it off perfectly. The art is charming as always, especially Bruce’s doe-eyed young admirers and the bear’s hilarious body language. The length is great, and JJ and I loved it. A wonderful seasonal addition to the series, and we recommend it. Baby Bookworm approved!

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