If I Had A Horse (Gianna Marino)

Hello, friends. Our book today is If I Had A Horse by Gianna Marino, a stunning imagining of a child’s dream.

A young child imagines a common dream: what if they had a horse? If they had a horse, they would bring it the biggest apple they could find. They would need to be patient, and approach with caution and calm. The horse may be shy at first, like the child often is. But once it horse was within reach, they could give it a hug, and become its friend. From there, it will take, not only patience, but courage and determination to tame the horse enough to ride. The horse will need to learn gentleness, and the rider will need to learn strength. But with the right attitude, and a trusty friend by one’s side, nothing is impossible.

This was just so lovely. The stunning paint-and-pencil illustrations are simply breathtaking: charged with energy and emotion, yet by using solely the silhouetted forms of the horse and child, they are made all the more relatable to young readers. The horse could look like any little one’s dream horse, and the genderless, windswept child could be any reader. It’s perfectly fitting for the story, which is both an ode to the childhood love of horses and an apt allegory for chasing one’s dreams. The length is also great, and JJ adored the colorful horses, but this is a book that can leave readers of any age awed and inspired by its art and message. Absolutely gorgeous and Baby Bookworm approved!

(Note: A copy of this book was provided to The Baby Bookworm by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.)

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