May I Come In? (Marsha Diane Arnold)

Hello, friends! Our book today is May I Come In?, written by Marsha Diane Arnold and illustrated by Jennie Poh, a sweet fable about the importance of kindness and hospitality.

When the thunderstorm hits Thistle Hollow, Raccoon is lucky enough to have a roof over his head – but no one to share it with. Too afraid to face the storm alone, he bundles up in scarf and umbrella and sets off to his friend Possum’s house. Sadly, Possum gently turns him away, saying that there just isn’t room. Raccoon pushes on to Quail and Woodchuck’s homes, but finds a similar answer at both. At last, he pushes through to knock on Rabbit’s door, but finding her inside with her 10 little ones, he is sure that she will not have room for him either. But Rabbit smiles and welcomes him in – there’s always room for a good friend. As Raccoon and the Rabbit family settle in for cozy companionship, they are surprised by another knock at the door – who could it be?

Wonderfully sweet. Adorable animals characters endear the reader to a story that encourages goodwill and generosity toward others. There was something quite lovely about the fact that Raccoon wasn’t seeking shelter from the storm, but connection; it shows that it’s okay to ask for help when you feel vulnerable, and the importance of offering that assistance to a friend if you are the one being asked. The text was easily read for the most part, though the rhythm – which switches between rhyme and straightforward – can be a little tripping. But the warm, cuddly art looks classic and feels homey. The length is good, and JJ really enjoyed it. A lovely tale of compassion and friendship, and it’s Baby Bookworm approved!

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