The Pink Hat (Andrew Joyner)

Hello, friends! Our book today is The Pink Hat by Andrew Joyner, a look at the many lives of a very special accessory.

An older woman takes some bright pink yarn and knits a hat. It’s warm, cozy, and the woman uses it for several things. But as she is napping one day, her cat nabs the hat, wresting and pouncing with it until – oops! – it falls out a window into a tree. Three young children spot it and attempt to get it down, leading to further adventures in the hat’s life. It becomes a snuggly wrap for a baby and a toy for a dog before being retrieved by the dog’s owner, a little girl. With the girl, the hat is cleaned, dried, and well-loved, worn and used as a bag, a baseball mitt, a pillow, even a swim cap. Then one very special day, the little girl dons her beloved hat to join a march – one that stands for the rights of girls and women everywhere – with millions of pink hats just like hers.

Very cute. Following the pink hat through its adventures, especially when it becomes property of the little girl, is a charming journey with text that has a lovely repeating rhythm and is fun to read aloud. I was expecting for there to be a bit more on the feminist themes of the Women’s March itself, but it wasn’t that kind of story, though not to its detriment – the story serves as more of a window into a moment of history (I should mention there is no reference to the hat’s more colorful nickname, nor the inspiration for that name, as one would expect in a picture book). The black and white illustrations with pops of pink are lovely, beautifully detailed and very diverse. This is a sweet storybook that can introduce young readers to an important moment in history, and we really liked it. Baby Bookworm approved!

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