The Red Prince (Charlie Roscoe)

Hello, friends! Our book today is The Red Prince, written by Charlie Roscoe and illustrated by Tom Clohosy Cole, a riveting story that looks at the power of community.

In the kingdom of Avala, there was a king, a queen, and their young son, the prince. All three were beloved by the people, many seeing the king and queen off when they embark on a voyage, leaving the prince in charge. But as a winter snow fell over the land, invaders came and took the royal city by night, capturing the prince and locking him in a dark tower far from home. He and his faithful dog manage a daring escape, but now he is lost in the snow, his red pajamas marking him as the target of a manhunt. He meets a girl who tells him he must travel to the city, but he is alone and afraid. She assures him that if he has faith in his people, they will come to his aid; and as she promised, he finds that they do. But as he nears the city, he fears that he will no longer be able to hide himself or his red pajamas – until he discovers what can happen when many people band together to do what is right.

Very exciting! This one reads like an adventure story, and JJ and I were both captivated to find out what happened next. The ultimate lessons are that of what happens when large groups of people come together to fight cruelty, tyranny, or injustice peacefully – and the climatic movement was both surprising and touching. The illustrations are fabulous, and evoke a cinematic sense of storytelling, using color, layout, and character to create tense and dynamic scenes. The length is fine, and JJ and I both really enjoyed it. An exciting story combined with a good lesson in the power of the peaceful resistance, and it’s Baby Bookworm approved!

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