Happy Birthday, Cupcake! (Terry Border)

Hello, friends! It’s JJ’s birthday today, so we’ve picked a birthday book to review: Happy Birthday, Cupcake! by Terry Border.

It’s Cupcake’s birthday, and she is eager to throw the perfect party for herself and all her food friends. She goes for a long walk with her best pal Muffin to brainstorm themes, but they just can’t seem to settle on the right one. Cupcake suggests the beach, but Muffin points out that some of their friends might get melty. Maybe a boat trip? No good – Soup gets seasick. Frosting and sprinkle makeovers? Fun for the deserts, but not Hamburger’s cup of tea. Cupcake is flummoxed – she wants an awesome party, but it should be one that everyone enjoys! But when they arrive at Muffin’s house, she’ll find that it’s the people you share it with that make a perfect party.

Excellent! Border’s wonderfully whimsical photographs pair with food pun-filled text to tell a story that is clever, funny, and has a great lesson. I loved that from the start, Cupcake wanted to focus of her party to be everyone having fun, not just her; it’s a good reminder to little ones that good company is what makes a celebration a success (and might also remind stressed-out parents like me that the details of the party don’t matter as much as everyone enjoying themselves, host included). The photos are colorful and eye-catching, and filled with hilarious details and sight-gags that will please all ages. The length is fine, and JJ had a blast pointing out all the different types of food. A scrumptious birthday book for all ages, and it’s Baby Bookworm approved!

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