Stripes The Tiger (Jean Leroy & Bérengère Delaporte)

Hello, friends! Today’s book is Stripes The Tiger by Jean Leroy and Bérengère Delaporte, an amusing story about the odd personalities of cats both big and small.

Stripes is the fiercest hunter in the jungle – at least, he’d like to be. The truth is, he’s an ordinary house cat, but he has dreams of being a fearsome tiger. Not content to let his dreams be dreams, he causes havoc around his owner’s home: clawing the couch, attacking the dog, and destroying the kitchen. His owner reaches the breaking point, and packs Stripes into a crate to take him to the zoo, convinced that seeing a real tiger will cure Stripes of his delusions of grandeur. But little does he know that Stripes is excited to meet his idol, and Mr. Tiger has dreams of his own… 

This was a very cute, very funny story with a wonderful twist ending that made me grin. It captured the capricious nature of felines, be they housecats or big cats, and the resolution was unexpected yet satisfying. The illustrations are fun, and have some wonderful visual gags that match the humorous story. The length is perfect, and we definitely enjoyed this one! Baby Bookworm approved!

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