Hap-pea All Year (Keith Baker)

Hello, friends! Today, we read Hap-pea All Year by Keith Baker, a pod-sitively charming look at the calendar with some very sweet peas.

Starting with January, each two-page spread is dedicated to a short rhyme about each calendar month, accompanied by a bowlful of cheerful little peas celebrating the season and holidays of that month. After each month has been introduced, the calendar comes together to wish the reader a very hap-pea new year!

A simple book with a simple concept, yet joyfully and exuberantly executed. The rhymes are short and bouncy, and lots of fun to read to little ones. The art is the real star of the show, though, as Baker creates a whole world on each page with his cast of tiny peas, each one filled with its own personality. This makes it a great book for re-reading: Short and breezy enough for a quick story, but filled with wonderfully detailed illustrations that can be closely examined and fuel young imaginations. JJ loved this one, and the length and subject, even the size of the book, make it perfect for babies and toddlers. This one’s a winner! Baby Bookworm approved!

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