Snappsy The Alligator (Did Not Ask To Be In This Book!) (Julie Falatko)

(Sorry for the delay! The whole Baby Bookworm family has been a little under the weather, so we called it an early night last night. Here is yesterday’s review:) 

Hello, everybody! Today, we read Snappsy The Alligator (Did Not Ask To Be In This Book!), written by Julie Falatko and illustrated by Tim Miller, a very funny story about an alligator and his pesky narrator.

Snappsy the alligator is just trying to have a nice, normal day. Unfortunately, he has a problem: someone is narrating his life for a children’s book! How irritating! Especially when they are saying things about him that simply aren’t true, like that he eats bunnies and lives in a rickety shack. Can the narrator and his reluctant protagonist reach an accord? Or will this story have an unhappy ending?

What a fun book to read aloud! You have to find two distinctive voices for Snappsy and the narrator, but once you do, this makes for a hilarious read (even JJ’s Dada was laughing)! Younger readers like JJ are sure to like it, but older kids would go absolutely wild for this one. The length is great, the illustrations are fun and compliment the story well, and there’s even a lesson about not always taking things at face value. Overall, a fantastically funny book for all ages, and we highly recommend it! Baby Bookworm approved!

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