Magic Box (Katie Cleminson)

Hello, friends! And at last, we are caught up with our reviews! Our book today is Magic Box by Katie Cleminson, a joyful tale of a young master magician named Eva.

Eva find a magic box one day and jumps in, and becomes a master magician. Suddenly, whatever she wishes for appears in a snap. She wishes for a pet named Monty and poof! He appears, though he’s a bit larger than she had expected, being a polar bear and all. Readers then follow Eva through a day of magic that brings whatever her imagination can dream up: rabbits from hats, a party with the best animal musicians and the yummiest food, and once everyone is danced out, everything cleaned up in a snap! Well, except for Monty… 

This was a fun little book! The story is simple and fun, and the text is easy and fun to read aloud. The illustrations are adorable and colorful, with outlined characters but bright splashes of colors on each page to bright them to life. The length is great, and JJ really enjoyed this one, especially all of Eva’s animal friends. This one is Baby Bookworm approved!

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