Grace For President (Kelly DiPucchio)

Summer Reading Day 82: Hey everyone! In the spirit of Women’s Equality Day, today we read Grace For President, written by Kelly DiPucchio and illustrated by LeUyen Pham. In it, a little girl named Grace learns that there has never been a woman president, and decides that she will run for president someday. Her teacher decides to put together an election for class president, and Grace finds that her opponent is one of the most accomplished and popular boys in school. Grace decides to try her hardest, though: she campaigns, talks to students about what they want and builds a political platform, then does her best to convince everyone that she would be the best “man” for the job.

This was such an awesome book, especially during election time. First, it explains the electoral college and gives a crash course in how candidates campaign for young readers. But what we really loved was the message: girls are just as capable and deserving of holding public office, including the presidency, as boys are, especially if they work hard and earn it. Grace’s opponent realizes early on that the boys in their class have more electoral votes than the girls, and coasts on the presumption that he will win based on this. The books shows that it is Grace’s tireless dedication to the school that ensures her win, and that’s a great message as well, that winning an election cannot just be about popularity, it’s about who is best for the job. Lastly, Grace is a female POC character, and a fantastic fictional representation of both.

The length was great for Baby Bookworm, and she LOVED the simple and colorful animation-style illustrations. Overall, this is a fantastic book, and absolutely Baby Bookworm approved!

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