Baby Wren And The Great Gift (Sally Lloyd-Jones)

Summer Reading Day 80: Hey there! Today, we read Baby Wren And The Great Gift, written by Sally Lloyd-Jones and illustrated by Jen Corace. In this story, a baby wren observes life in the canyon where she lives, admiring the amazing things she sees her fellow animals doing (eagles soaring, sunfish swimming, etc), and feeling sad that she can’t join in on their fun. Wishing she could be amazing like her friends, she observes the splendor of her canyon habitat, and finds something within her that is as grand and beautiful as her home.

This was a wonderfully sweet story about finding one’s own talent and greatness, combined with a testament to the beauty of nature. Between the lively, colorful illustrations and the wistful descriptions, the reader can get a sense of the awe that Baby Wren’s canyon inspires. The story wasn’t a bad length for a 1-year-old, though JJ’s attention span was threatening to run out for the last few pages. Overall, though, this was a lovely book with a great message. Baby Bookworm approved.

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