I Love You Just The Way You Are (Rosie Greening)

Hello, friends! Our book today is I Love You Just The Way You Are, written by Rosie Greening and illustrated by James Dillon, a heartwarming look at a parent’s love for their little one.

Using a menagerie of parent-and-child animal duos, the rhyming text draws parallels between the misbehaviors and peculiarities of the young animals and human kids, and explains that no matter what, their parents love them anyway. So while an elephant calf may stomp and trumpet and make lots of noise, or a puppy be messy during mealtimes and play, or a sleepy sloth may be grumpy at wakeup time, in the end, their mommy or daddy doesn’t mind – they love them just the way the are.

Adorable! With large, colorful full-page illustrations, young readers are sure to delight over the cuddly animals and their even cuddlier young. The character design is tailor-made for young bookworms, and little ones will have fun identifying the familiar animals. The rhymes are simple, flow well, and are sweet without being saccharine, making them a joy to read aloud. And of course, the message is timeless and touching. It’s a fine, short length for any age, and JJ and I both liked this one a lot. A great staple for any little one’s bookshelf, and it’s Baby Bookworm approved!