Click! (Frank W. Dormer)

Hello, friends! Our book today is Click! by Frank W. Dormer, a surreal yet fun tale of a determined dog and an especially savvy cat.

Nose buried in a newspaper, a dog named Fluffy hears that a cat is still on the loose. So today is the day: Fluffy’s going to set out and catch that ca-CLICK! And suddenly, a large hat is obscuring Fluffy’s view. CLICK! CLICK! Now a small creature named Pat has appeared, irking Fluffy (he was looking for a CAT, not a PAT). CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! As the infernal clicking continues, Fluffy is beset with appearing and disappearing clothes and companions, furthering his frustration. Where is it coming from?! The answer will surprise the reader as much as Fluffy the dog…

Flat out, this one is weird, but it’s meant to be. The final twist is definitely a bold one for a picture book, and for kids old enough to understand it, it’s a pretty darn funny one. In fact, the wacky minimalist illustrations and slightly surreal humor make it a great one for clever young readers who are looking for something unexpected. However, it’s also these very elements that may go over the heads of younger readers like JJ – she enjoyed the sound effects and some of the art, but otherwise wasn’t super engaged. But, if you’ve got a reader who has enjoyed books like Mac Barnett’s or Jon Klassen’s, definitely give this one a read. Baby Bookworm approved!