Hello, our friends and followers! We know, we know – long time, no post. As it has been for so many, this year has been a unique one for the Baby Bookworm family. After a cross-country move, our family had to adjust to a new home and a new (virtual) school, all in a new state and during a pandemic. Virtual school was certainly a challenge, especially for a special needs child like JJ, as well as JJ’s mama, who had to hop into the role of her paraeducator. It ended up placing a great deal of stress on JJ and Mama, and so the decision was made to step back from blogging for a while until life calmed down a bit.

And now that our virtual learning experience is over, we’re ready to jump back into our reviews – starting today! Our new posting schedule will be Mondays through Fridays, still bringing you the simple, honest reviews to help our bookworm friends find their newest favorite read.

Thank you to our friends and family for supporting us through this last year! We look forward to reading with you once again!

The Baby Bookworm Family

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